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Harry: I help Baer grow | he wants out of the former Tottenham boss Redknapp

Harry: I help Baer grow | he wants out of the former Tottenham boss Redknapp from Cristiano Ronaldo shadow said he thinks that Baer is a special player, but he felt Baer joining Real Madrid want to play their own world in C’s shadow, is a very big challenge. Redknapp in the forthcoming autobiography, he mentioned in Baer from a gifted youth culture into his role as the now world star role. Harry Hotspur period coached Baer, but he insists he never had any doubts about Baer’s ability to tune out, although Baer is very necessary. Redknapp said: when I’m at Tottenham, something about Baer’s rubbish. I will sell Baer? Never. I’ll get Baer out on loan? Of course not. No matter what I make mistakes, I know the players. I would never sell Baer. What he needs is to make a first team players become powerful. We’ve always flirts with the fast running and emulative heart is strong Baer, because he was also seen as a defender, with the Premier League best defender one ASO – Hector competition starting. But Baer in a defensive position on the looks a bit soft, so we decided to put forward his position. In training he makes me very angry. Be honest, he is very cow X, but he always played with his hair. This is absolutely wrong. He either hand stitch a tease hair, or hair from his eyes set apart. This time I just stared at him, of course, is also very angry. Gareth, don’t bother with your hair! Gareth. Don’t move your hair! ‘ Every morning is the same pattern: Baer will fall and lie there, the other team will pass. Finally, I will tell the other players, don’t talk to Baer. Don’t worry, ‘I said: after 2 minutes he was just fine. If there is any urgent thing, we’ll know soon. ‘ They did so, and as I feared, Gareth finally stood up, continue to train, and become better and better. In the old hand ray, Baer on the left to play well, and in the Champions League game against Inter, Baer’s performance has attracted the attention of all europe. Redknapp said: I think he’s our C rom.. And that is his true level. The game against Inter, I think I’ve never seen a player like Baer can alone completely destroyed a team. I feel sorry for Inter Milan defender, rather embarrassing. Finally the fans singing, gave Maicon a taxi ‘, and I think that after Maicon’s occupation career did not recover. On the season under Boas, moved to the road of Baer played the best season of his career. Redknapp also recalled the first time he gave Baer the opportunity to let him try road at the scene. Redknapp said: I and my coaches will Beli discussed several months into the middle of this problem, because the team in order to his playing style on the left to him to vacate the space has become more and more difficult. I remember this new plan is implemented to beat Norwich in the December 27, 2011 2-0 competition.

Hodgson warned players: Biedese, played the last England now take as long as against Poland’s final World Cup

Hodgson warned players: Biedese, played the last England now take as long as against Poland’s final World Cup qualifier can get through the next year’s Brazil World Cup tickets. But when Hodgson’s team is immersed in the joy of victory in Montenegro, England coach sounded the alarm for them. He believes the players win over Montenegro only completed half of the task, he said: I would say some harsh, sometimes when people do good, you will be more strict with them, and when they are not just as one wishes, but not excessive demands they had one thing everyone want to overcome, it is thought that I would be complacent, pale with anger. But I don’t think the existence of such a situation, I don’t want there to be any complacency. Of course, after the words I said to them, I think they are my attitude in this matter is very clear. I have not particularly exciting, I think some of them meet. I think they know what they do, and that is a good start but they also realized that just do a half. It is a kind of quiet satisfaction, but I’m happy to point out that these to them, so now is not the time to celebrate. Hodgson certainly played a role, Captain Gerrard insists that England won’t mess up the game tomorrow. If you can’t beat Poland, would allow Ukraine to have the opportunity to talent showing itself from the group, also let England playoff to prepare after. But Gerrard said: now the team into the most crucial phase, the Group places ready to be born. Indeed, now the pressure is very big, people look forward to also great. But we have faith, believe you can do. Hodgson also mentioned the Liverpool winger Sterling, he hoped that the latter can at Wembley as Thomson’s first show shine. Sterling was promoted to the team because Manchester United midfielder Clavet Leigh is injured, the Liverpool winger with excellent in England U21 performance attracted the attention of Hodgson. Hodgson said: if the 23 of us have a position for additional players to say the squad, I think that’s flank. Sterling is the kind of player, if we need him, he would like to do.

Kompani broke and oolong, Manchester City 4-2 away to Fulham

Kompani broke and oolong, Manchester City 4-2 away to Fulham Beijing late on December 21st 23:00, the Premier League seventeenth round spread out contention, Manchester City away 4-2 fulham. The game at Manchester City two goal lead was equalized, Yaya Toure free kick to break records, Kompani completed, Richardson in the second half of a draw the ball, Kompani sent an own goal, Navas pushes shoots forces a door open, then Negredo assists Milner sealed the victory. Before the game at Manchester City ranked fourth in the Premier League, and Fullem in the relegation zone ranked second. Both sides against the history of 61 games, Manchester City 28 wins 16 flat 17 negative in absolute advantage. First, the two striker formation from Manchester City, Dzeko and Negredo up front, Chrissy to replace the injured Saba Laeta enters the stage, Hart back to the goalkeeper position. While Fulham, Tara Butt as the center, Stekelenburg, he and Parke were the first stage. As the referee whistle game. Seventh minutes, a lead Fulham box confusion to the right corner, Richardson starts out in chaos hit the offside position the teammate wide. Twelfth minutes, Richardson in the back of the police to break Chrissy’s ball, and then back to forward Tara Butt, whose low shot by Hart from Manchester City single palm, then get the opportunity to attack, Dzeko squeezed in the penalty area defensive players stopped the ball, reverse back to near the penalty spot Silva, the latter Jin crossbeam shooting. Both sides of the very fast paced game, all hope that through the quick passing break the defense. Twenty-third minutes, David Silva to Manchester City to win a free kick forbidden area arc top position, Yaya Toure directly hit the door, the ball hit the crossbar after flying into the right-hand corner, 0-1! Manchester City road ahead, this is Yaya – figure Lei Ben season fourth direct free kick to score. Lead Manchester City quickly established a possession, Fulham only occasionally by long-range threat to Manchester City. Thirty-first minutes, Manchester City won the opportunity to fight back, Negredo run with the number of defense breakthrough to return after the forbidden area edge of Dzeko, who was shot down defenders plugging. Thirty-fifth minutes, Manchester City back steals counterattack, Kolarov left low ball found near the penalty spot Dzeko cross, the ball was tuishe Stekelenburg cross who saved. Then Nasri middle pick up the box, Dzeko header is Stekelenburg confiscated. Forty-third minutes, Manchester City to expand the lead, David Silva, a restricted free kick on the right side, in an ambush in the post point Demichelis header saved by goalkeeper, keep up with Vincent kompany tongshe successful, 0-2! The end of the half court game, Manchester City road leading 2-0 Fullem. The second half started. Forty-seventh minutes, Silva ball road in Kolarov, the latter low ball into the restricted area, Silva shovel shot down by goalkeeper Puzhu. Fiftieth minutes after, draw a ball, Silva before the game ball steals, Tara Butt survived the road slippery shovel after Chrissy, the goalkeeper after Richardson cross point, which pushed easily shoot it, 1-2! Sixtieth minutes, Manchester City won the opportunity, Silva in the back of the fast ball to Negre in the restricted area)

Royce free kick, dot 1-2 Wolfsburg

Royce free kick, dot 1-2 Wolfsburg Beijing late on November 9th 22:30, twelfth in the Bundesliga round launched a contest. Dortmund guest field 1-2 not enemy Wolfsburg volkswagen. In the game, Suboti retired hurt, first half stoppage time Royce’s free kick directly to score the second half, Wolfsburg scored two goals, Rodriguez free kick chance to tie the score, Oli wonderful long-range counter ultra, Royce then kick in the column. The final score backward Dortmund not to rewrite the score 1-2 not enemy Wolfsburg. After the game, Dortmund integral by Le object Courson tied, with goal difference advantage still second, Wolfsburg up to fourth. The league leader in Bayern, Dortmund in Munich, with 1 points temporary row second. The last round of the Bundesliga is 6:1 win over Stuttgart, but at home in the week in the Champions League match in 1 ball lost arsenal. The good momentum of the recent rivals Wolfsburg, won 3 straight league, temporarily to 6 wins and 5 negative results ranked fifth in the bundesliga. First, Dortmund Subotic, Hummel J partner in Zhongwei, Royce, Mei Hita Liang, Aubameyang partner frontcourt, Lewandowski as a single arrow. Gustavo in the Wolfsburg squad, led by Arnold Oli, the midfield, up front. After the game, Dortmund a slight advantage. Seventh minutes, Dortmund on the free kick, rub header after Aubameyang forbidden area, after the point Hummel J header high. After 3 minutes, Aubameyang meet Hummel J houchangchangzhuan rely on speed advantage out of defence, the restricted area on the left side of small angle’s low shot. 22 minutes, the Wolfsburg right to attack, Aux right passes on, Perisic in front of the leaping high forcing Gross Croy F header slightly. 30 minutes, to counter Lewandowski right after the break in the ball into the box, Royce header high. 31 minutes, Aux right xiadizhuanzhong, Meadow Ossip in the restricted area to volley, the ball to wide. 2 minutes later, the Wolfsburg court steals, Oli straight Aux forms the single tool, the right foot shot saved by Weiden Feller. 38 minutes in an arbitrary ball attack, the Lewandowski forbidden area left foot volley high. 42 minutes, Suboti in the competition heading in accidentally sprained cannot adhere to the game, Pappas Paso Pross came off the bench. First half stoppage time, Dortmund to break the deadlock, Royce forbidden area front foot free kick shoots directly, the ball over the wall to the upper left corner of the goal, 1-0, Dortmund lead at halftime. Opening the second half stage, Dortmund court steals actively, Wolfsburg continued to oppression. 54 minutes, Dortmund launched a counter attack, Lewandowski right dribbling march into, then straight biography forbidden area left Mei Hita Liang, Mechita good line. After the ball makes the adjustment, return the frontier closed area to follow Aubameyang, the right foot shot wide. After 1 minutes, Wolfsburg tie the score, the Rodriguez forbidden area left foot free kick in the restricted area header, players were not touched the ball, the ball flew directly into the goal, 1- based

Self-Improvement. The man per game mark soon,

Self-Improvement. The man per game mark soon, that had been trained to cry Chelsea star Lampard on Tuesday will usher in his England team’s 100th games, it may be moved him to tears, for a culture of his father should be the same. Lampard’s father said: when I saw when he stepped on the court, this will mean a lot to me. As a player, Frank has shown a lot of determination and the characteristics of their own, I feel happy and proud of him. Lampard’s father worked for West Ham played more than 700 games, after retiring, he in Upton Park Stadium as a teaching assistant. So the Lampard family condition is good, this also makes when he received education in a Wood College opportunity. Lampard’s father said: it is good for him, but Brett Wood was more concerned about the rugby and cricket, instead of football. At the same time training courses are arranged in a Saturday morning, all the West Ham youth team was also on the week of. So I often take him to a nearby park to again and again in training, I sometimes put his training to cry, but he finally responded to become stronger, he will show his own personality in the face of adversity. At West Ham and you will hear that he is assistant coach’s son, he can handle a situation with ease, this just let him become more strong. After he moved to Chelsea, the beginning is not easy, because the club with Zora Desailly, a series of major suit names, but again he was just hard work, and learning from people around. Lampard his debut for England in a 1999 friendly against Belgium in October, but the second was 3 years later. Lampard’s father continued: his career is not always Everything is going smoothly., England in the team if things aren’t going well, then he will be excluded from the list, which also affected his performance in Chelsea, but he persevered. When he was frustrated in the England team, he dealt with it very well, just like back to face West Ham against his former club insult. On the England out of the honor, he must have many times thought: what’s the point? ‘ And questioned whether or not you have selected, he is not stupid, and ultimately did not give up, and actively face the difficulties and overcome the past. Later on Lampard the season had the chance to go to USA play, but he eventually left Chelsea, his father said at last: he knew he once went to America, then it means that the end of his England team occupation career, but my son is a tough guy, his love for his country and refused to give up to participate in the next World Cup and the 100 field of honour.