Boulter will represent the United and friendly, red dream come true.

Boulter will represent the United and friendly, “red dream come true”. The British media screenshots Beijing time on September 5th, after the summer signing Van Persie hat trick for United fans surprise, Manchester United fans and some music, according to the British “sun” message, coach Ferguson said in an interview: Manchester United in the next game against Real Madrid legend, Jamaica’s Boulter will get the franchise, he will on behalf of the Red Devils play for Manchester United and Boulter, only me, this is a really special gift. In the London Olympic Games, Boulter shine, he won the men’s 100 meters, the men’s 200 meters and 4X100 meters relay titles of these 3 projects, the London after the Olympic Games, Boulter has received the United invitation to trial, he also as Manchester United fans to visit Old Trafford opener, his debut in the home of Manchester United at that time, with Boulter three Olympic gold medals in the Manchester United fans in the mountains and seas are whistling, Boulter then around half of the week, Manchester United fans coming to Michael excited, the crowd chanted to sign him, signed him, although it is fun and entertainment, but Boulter did not want to show their talent on the football field it. As a fan of Manchester United, Boulter has always had a dream, that is representative of a football club. In a friendly match, while Boulter knows his game is not good, but he to Manchester United, for football infatuation does not change people moved, it is reported that Boulter had not volunteered once, he hopes that Ferguson Jazz can allow himself played in United’s friendly against Manchester United, Boulter, love of football remarkable. Though hope is frail, but Boulter or to Ferguson’s response, he said in a magazine interview: Boulter is a great athlete, but he is also a great fan of Manchester United, this is very interesting, if he wanted to, I guess I’d give him a chance to represent the Reds, in the next year, Manchester United and Real Madrid legend team’s friendly match, Boulter can have a try. Maybe Boulter sincerity moved Ferguson, now he was a dream come true, next year’s friendly match, the fans will be happy to see the shadow of Boulter, Jamaica’s will appear in any position, if the outstanding performance, will eventually become a Manchester United player? Perhaps this suspense and to emerge.