2 students together against mourinho! The madman is not old Warcraft give applause Drogba Sneijder _

2 students together against mourinho! The madman is not old Warcraft give applause | Drogba | Sneijder _ Phoenix sports madman is not old Warcraft give applause Phoenix sports news came to Galatasaray, Mourinho’s heart is the five flavours miscellaneous Chen, who has succeed in Chelsea and inter Milan, but cannot do without Sneh de and Drogba’s contribution. Now return to the blues, two former students at Galatasaray together. However, friendship is friendship, two favorite presence on the teacher team is above without feet soft, Drogba fight to the end to win the madman applause, and Schneider offered assists Galatasaray draw with Chelsea. During the period of 2004-2012, Drogba worked for 8 years at Chelsea, he in the race for Chelsea made 341 appearances, scoring 157 goals, the team won 3 league titles, 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and the 2012 Champions league. In 2012 helped Chelsea win the history’s first Champions League trophy, Drogba tears in court made the fans moved, now facing the old host and http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/club-soccer-jersey/ac-milan.html former coach Drogba before the game, very touching. Before the game, Drogba and Chelsea team-mates hug before one one, after nearly 2 years after the first with the old boss fights, Drogba must be feeling a lot. And world of Warcraft to old club gift is his on court with hard work, he should use the actual performance to prove himself worthy of Blues fans in mind the greatest player of the year Chelsea. Throughout the game, Drogba had run around with Cahill and Terry, in the melee, soon to be 36 year old Warcraft not disadvantage. The second half, he was almost assists teammates scored in his players, forcing Chelsea header ferry to einon, the captain with an open goal kick the ball in the post. Drogba can not conceal his disappointment, he expressed regret at. Eightieth minutes, Mancini Drogba will be changed, and world of Warcraft performance not only won the respect of the fans, also let Mourinho applaud him for his past, send the applause, praised the play of Drogba. Another face of Ai Tusned Mourinho is not the foot soft, in the international Milan period, Schneider to Mu Shuaihao and Albert crown 3. Now, Mourinho went back to Chelsea, and Schneider returned to earth, the sixty-fourth minutes, Schneider gave the teacher assists against, in a Champions League winner Juventus, Schneider made once again become the Galatasaray hero, this let Mourinho heart is the five flavours miscellaneous chen.