Acting cute. Wenger court was booed, trot like schoolchildren late.

Acting cute. Wenger court was booed, trot like schoolchildren late. Wenger turned the old urchin Phoenix sports news recently Arsenal’s record rally, Wenger finally had his most difficult this season, although already 64 years old, Wenger is more like a naughty boy. After the short hair, Wen Gexian’s a lot younger, but he still did not forget their act loving. To start the second half before, the players and the referees are in place, but the sidelines but less Wenger, then Professor appeared, he trotted off, like a pupil was late, but not escape is the boos. Professor act loving most successful case is the zipper door, at the beginning of last year Arsenal and Fulham’s London derby, Wenger tried to put his right hand pocket, it touched five or six times without success, eventually became a joke. In the end of last year Arsenal 7-3 game in Newcastle, Wenger did not enjoy the zipper is convenient, but because of the clothes zipper closing, the usual elegant him into zipper door. But tonight, Wenger is act loving in action, dressed in a business suit, short hair, be in fine Fig. In the first half, Arsenal will determine the leading, this let Wen Gexian very calm. But after the break, surprising scene appears. Already in place in the players and the referee after the home, but has not played the game in the second half began to whistle, there is only one reason, it is Wenger for being late. Then, the camera to capture the sidelines of Wenger, he is trotting, looks very cute, like late for school pupils. But the away game combat, Fulham fans will obviously Wenger late dissatisfied, they were booing Wenger. The professor also feel shy, frequently waved to the crowd. But the Gunners eventually gain victory, this let the pressure on Wenger a lot of small, after all, the 4 time to face Fullem, they didn’t win. This season, the Gunners score was very bleak, and even the Arsenal fans had not believe Wenger. But as the godfather, no one is more suitable for leading Arsenal rebirth, the recent 10 war 8 wins, the Gunners temporarily out of trouble. And the Premier League for 17 years, Wenger has become a part of England’s football, and he on the sidelines of the act loving, is another scenery line different from Sir Alex Ferguson roaring.