2012 the latest global top scorer Messi first, Neymar had the super C rom..

2012 the latest global top scorer Messi: first, Neymar had the super C rom.. Attached to: IFFHS the latest global top scorer in Beijing late on October 9th, the International Federation of football history and statistics released the latest global top scorer, Barcelona superstar Messi to continue with 19 goals at the top. Surprisingly, ranked second and Messi is not the same level of C Luo, but the Brazil star Neymar, the Portuguese in the 16 ranked third. The same fourth in La Liga games Ma Jing striker Falco, and Shenhua striker Drogba, in this list ranked fifteenth. The International Federation of football history and statistics of the global top scorer, it is defined as the sum of the number of players in the club goal in intercontinental contest and the national team to participate in a game, such as Messi and C Luo in the Spanish League, the king’s cup and the Spanish Super Cup goals will not be counted. By the end of October 9, 2012, Messi on behalf of the Barcelona scored 10 goals, representing Argentina in the qualifiers and a friendly match scored 9 goals, top scorer in the cumulative 19 ball. Brazil is the second star http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/2014-world-cup/cameroon-soccer-jersey.html Neymar, who represents Santos and the Brazil national team scored 17 goals. C Luo on this list not enemy Messi, even behind Neymar, since 2012, Real Madrid superstar scored 5 goals on behalf of the Portuguese national team, Real Madrid in the Champions League and scored 11 goals, a total of 16 ball. If not in the week in the Champions League hat trick, C Luo ranking may be less. Because Falco ranked fourth, the total number of scoring 15 goals, which represented the Columbia national team scored 3 goals, Ma Jing scored the ball up to 12, a total of 15 ball. Especially in the beginning of the new season of the European Super Cup, the Champions League Chelsea Falcao facing his sensational hat trick impressive. Because of this special way of ranking, therefore, the top ten are not necessarily everyone for having heard it many times superstar. Among them, fifth ranked Egypt Ahly A Bob Reka, ranked eighth in the Malta striker Yoav Sood. In addition, the recent state Shenyong Ibrahimovic in this list ranked twelfth, played for the Shanghai Shenhua Drogba ranked fifteenth, with the world’s first annual Eto’O is ranked forty-fourth. With IFFHS2012 the latest global top scorer: 1, Messi 19, Neymar 17 ball 2 ball 3, C Luo 16 ball 4, Falco 15, A Bott Reka 13 ball 5 ball 6, Damian 13, Huntelaar 13 ball 7 ball 8, Funo Mehsud 12 ball 9, Korrodi 12, Oliveira 12 ball 10 ball 12, Ibrahimovic 10 ball 15, Drogba 44, Eto’O 7 ball 9 ball