Cassano killed the old main excited dancing, continuous 3 wheel scoring shame down Milan striker.

Cassano killed the old main excited dancing, continuous 3 wheel scoring shame down Milan striker. Hand the old master Cassano rise and dance in a happy mood Phoenix sports news, although the 31 year old Cassano has gradually fade out of sight after all the fans, he is not in a big play, but the old still has a good play, 3 consecutive league, Cassano had scored, this lets the human sigh old soldiers never die. More importantly, Cassano is against the old main break, no wonder the excitement he celebrates passion. Finally, Parma cruised to a 3-2 victory over AC Milan. Vs. AC Milan, Parma after the opening in good condition, the entire first half, they firmly hold the rossoneri. But Cassano’s performance is also very good, before the end of the half, Cassano helped Parma build a 2-0 lead, Biabiany right easily break through Constant pass, forbidden area left knock back, Cassano in front of the low scoring. After the murder of the old master, Cassano very happy, he ran to the sidelines, exciting twist up dance. Bad boy constantly shaking his hips, her hands with his dancing. Subsequently, Cassano’s teammates also came to him, to add to the fun, Cassano also come with one one teammates dance. Last season, Cassano in the inter performance is good, but in the final run after white, bad boy is cleaning. But Cassano is still grateful for the Nerazzurri, he even predicted Inter to Champions League qualification. In Italian, Cassano is playing for AC Milan, came to Parma, Cassano inherited the excellent state, coupled with the game, Cassano had 3 in a row to break into a total of 4 ball. Unfortunately, Cassano played the full 90 minutes in the game, not sixty-ninth minutes, Milan goalkeeper left fist hit directly in the head of Cassano, Cassano in the restricted area was not long time, sore feet trembled. The Parma fans to applaud Cassano, then, Milan goalkeeper come to apologize, and rested for a while Cassano is back in the game. But seventy-third minutes, Cassano was replaced. This season, Cassano’s play has been very good, but his performance also let Milan striker shame. He scored 4 goals and performance and any AC Milan striker are outstanding, the date of the league, Balotelli scored only 3 goals, Robinho 2 ball 1 ball, motley.