Chelsea to the world second pay a strongman, Arsenal top salary man.

Chelsea to the world second pay a strongman, Arsenal top salary man. Chelsea Lavon 16900000 euros a year by November 13th Beijing time, according to the Spanish “Searl radio” news, although the outside world news Lavon will be in the next summer are free to join Bayern, but Guardiola is still out on whether the introduction of Poland people shilly-shally, this also let the other giants ready to make trouble, Chelsea hopes to use the offensive. The Champions League Xi front of God, deep pocketed the blues 275000 a week to Lavon, with annual salary reached 16900000 euros, this figure has exceeded the current annual salary of Messi. Lewandowski’s contract expires in the summer of next year, though there will be free, but the German media have exposed Lavon has signed the Bayern news, in a recent interview, the Poland striker has made it clear that he has a good selection of home, and inform the team don’t hit on him. Mourinho is the truth, Lavon’s story is like a book, it looks like he will go to Bayern. Although the plot, Lavon joined the Bayern the best hope, but which are still not small variables, has been Manju Kikki in the Bayern squad, on whether the same type of Lavon this problem is introduced, Guardiola still in hesitation, this also let Lavon future blurred pushuo. It is reported, many rich and powerful family are hoping to get Lavon in the next summer, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, A Senna and Chelsea felt the most urgent in the race for Lavon, in order to prevail in the war, A Senna made 200000 pounds a week, but belong to the city of London Chelsea is hard money, they can provide 275000 pounds a week to Lavon, of about 325000 euros, with annual salary reached a staggering 16900000 euros. At present, the fixed salary Messi is 13000000 euros, floating salary is 3000000 euros, that is to say, the Argentina star of the annual salary of the highest is only 16000000 euros, from this comparison is not difficult to see Chelsea for Lewandowski’s sincerity. If Lewandowski opted to join Chelsea, then his 16900000 euros a year will only C Luo, to become the world’s second people. This year in September, CR7 officially with Madrid, annual salary of up to 17000000 euros, that is to say, Lavon got an offer with the C’s annual salary not much difference between, in the Premier League is the only one, it will make the people of Poland as the Premier League work emperor, Rooney, Van Persie, Yaya Toure stars will approach somebody’s greatness, the next you see, Lavon’s choice.