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Interview with Buffon: not absorb failure the most difficult but as Buffon this week

Interview with Buffon: not absorb failure the most difficult but as Buffon this week, who had won 126 caps for Italy Juventus goalkeeper Buffon is not particularly inspire people: in a 0-2 loss to Bayern, he will be in the team at the weekend league against Pescara sat on the bench to rest, but after the Bayern honorary chairman Beckenbauer to comment on its like retired general perhaps more so that 35 year old Buffon heart have a little sad, is awarded the golden tapir award, he is still smiling, shoulders uniforms, wearing high boots, ignore the reporter sent him as a retirement with a blanket and a pillow. I take it the next game. Buffon quipped. “Team” reporter in thailand soccer jersey Vinovo training centre on Buffon on the half hour interview, as one of the best goalkeeper in history, Buffon enthusiastically answered the question, and also show the humorous side. How do you want to respond to Beckenbauer? I don’t answer, and I don’t know him. In fact, this thing I wasn’t interested in. He is a be remembered in the history of sports man, and is a great club, I respect him very much, and so. The collision in Bayern, Juventus Is it right? Too humble? No, not. We Bayern reverence is to a proper extent. In the past few seasons (2010-2012) Bayern has two Champions League finals. However, I think we could make the arrangement did not give Bayern bring much trouble why? We have a lot of people are not playing well, I was one of them. This must be my occupation career in the Champions League worst war. I am in the array to Juve after one of the most played Champions League players. I’m afraid I do affect my teammates. If your Wednesday was eliminated, do you think this season is a defeat of the season? – of course not! This season, our most important goal is to win the league. If we can achieve, it is already a good result. As for the Champions League, to be able to enter the 8 strong that we have to return to Europe, to the Champions League a look forward to. In order to re in Europe become favourites, club design a few years of improvement plan for us. Personally, Tuesday so that the performance of easy to digest? – easy, because I was playing football for 18 years. I can tell you one thing: as Gianluigi Buffon is not easy thing! (laughter) when I make a mistake, people can reach 10 days! The earthquake like wow! However, I am not so unhappy, because it means I have been all positive. Cheap Monaco Soccer Jersey (laugh) the Champions League is can’t you lift the Champions League trophy, for you is a must? No, the Champions League, it is a kind of inspired me to improve every day in training in power. Then the FIFA ball? I think this age for holding the golden ball is a bit too late. In many years, I was the only goalkeeper to win this prestigious award nomination. For me, this has profound meaning. In 2010 after I hurt the rest, I think I have now to return to the best state. But the golden ball award.

Skrtel: continue to work hard, strive to keep the first position while the recapture

Skrtel: continue to work hard, strive to keep the first position while the recapture of the main position, but the Liverpool Zhongwei Skrtel knows, want to continue to start, he would not let himself decline in the performance of. He said: since the end of last season in the summer, I worked very hard, hoping to return to the squad. Before the start of the season but I hurt my knee, so that everything is not smooth. But I try to stay positive, and said to myself: wait for your chance’. I had a good recovery, and the game was against Manchester United in the. I think this is a to the fans and coach that I can play. Of course, Liverpool in the strong start to the season also have a certain role. Into an outstanding team will more easily. Now I’m just trying to keep his starting, 6 Zhongwei for 2 to 3 positions is not easy. Although he is very young, but he in Paris Saint Germain and the French national team has accumulated a wealth of experience. Since he joined Liverpool, he has proved himself an excellent player. Sacco’s personality is also very interesting, he always jokes. Once he mastered English, he would have a better play. I come, I know how difficult when you come to a new country. For you, everything is fresh, but when I communicate with Sacco, his English has been improved. Kolo Toure has excellent characteristics, when Liverpool to sign him, perhaps a lot of people are surprised, but from the first day, he proved how wonderful you are. wholesale soccer jersey I am very pleased to have such a player in Liverpool, because he has been trying to help each of us. Although like Agger, and I so that players no longer young, but he is more experience, he was well organized at the back, this let everyone benefited. A good start is Ajax soccer jerseys our goal, but the season is very long, we have a game, as far as possible to get more points. We all believe, Liverpool this season can be among the top four, to return to europe. Playing in the Champions League is the common desire of the team. In order to achieve this goal, every day we are in hard work. I hope that after the end of the season, everyone can get what they want. I have spent 6 years at Liverpool, for me, this 6 years unforgettable. For Liverpool this excellent team played 6 seasons, definitely worth my pride. In December I will be 29 years old, and I have a contract for 3 years, I am very happy here. I will continue to strain every nerve, and then have a look what time shall bring.