Colleen party mother 50 year old birthday, Rooney dressed up to attend the rock (Figure).

Colleen party mother 50 year old birthday, Rooney dressed up to attend the rock (Figure). “The sun” PS rock youth version of Rooney to celebrate Mother Colette’s 50 birthday, Rooney wife Coleen held a above century 50’s theme party. In order to fit the theme of the party, Rooney attended the Party A on century 50’s Teddy boy dressed, “sun” also specifically PS a Rooney costume pictures, said he was a rock youth. Just last month, Colleen has just spent 26 years old birthday, Rooney wife then create new styles to held a Arabia themed birthday party, even the camels had become the party guests. Colleen entertainment circle of friends and Rooney united team mate came to celebrate the birthday of Colleen Rooney home, they are no exception of wearing a Arabia clothing. Now look, she called the party planning master. This time for mother celebrate 50 years old birthday, Colleen is moving from the brain, and ultimately he chose the retro theme as a party. He wanted the party back to the last century 50’s, all guests must be like the 50’s of the last century that dressed like a hooligan. The British in twentieth Century 50, 60 time, many young people love to wear Edward VII like fancy clothing, these rogue youth like to wear trousers, jacket, long tapered suede shoes, the hair of the forehead must also be wiped greasy. Last Sunday Manchester United beat Swansea 2-0, the first battle of Rooney played 79 minutes and was replaced by Berbatov. After the game, Rooney home after went to the party dressed — Ann Terry racecourse. The party in the evening local time last Sunday. It is understood, in order to give mother a surprise, all the details of the Colleen spent 6 weeks time to plan a party. A insiders, Colleen planned every detail, she chose the food, DJ, and determine the theme of the party. She opened a theme party, because her mother was born in that era, Colleen and her mother are very close, she wanted to show her love for her mother. Everyone is happy, Wayne also enjoy. Although not the scene of a hand, “sun” or PS a Rooney in the last century 50’s fashion photos, Rooney holds the comb is carefully with his wig, the image of a young rock.

Cole refused Chelsea a new contract, Real Madrid, Paris or into the next station.

Cole refused Chelsea a new contract, Real Madrid, Paris or into the next station. Chelsea and Ashley – Cole’s contract deadlock is not broken, according to a recent ESPN news, the contract is about to expire at the end of the season Cole has rejected a blues to offer him a new contract for a year. The future is not guaranteed, the blues meritorious defender certainly don’t want to sign the contract, but if you really want to go, Mourinho, Real Madrid and Ancelotti is his choice for Paris Saint germain. The Blues boss Jose DiMatteo is sanguine about re signing Cole, he believes the club before January next year will certainly do it, but from the reality of the situation, Cole seems more likely in the period with other giants initialed the contract transfer. In fact, Ashley – Cole is not asking too much, he just hope Chelsea club at least can prepare a two or more of the new contract for him, as wages rise, he never thought. Cole refused to sign a new contract for one thing, is responsible for tracking the reported ESPN reporter explained: if things keep going like this, Ashley will soon move with other clubs negotiate, until in the winter transfer period initialed the contract. Obviously, leaving Chelsea will become his an optional policy, unless the Chelsea on this matter DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED. At present, the renewal plan without any progress, in my opinion, this depends entirely on the Chelsea. Drogba leaving the Blues fans with deep hatred and resentment, this will turn to Cole? All this may, Chelsea’s attitude may lead to another Drogba events, their policy is not perfect, is the result of Didier’s departure, the newspaper continued. This, Ashley – Cole is very likely to leave the same way club. DiMatteo is said to have very optimistic, but in fact it is not his decision, but between the club and Cole, further analysis of ESPN. Therefore, even if DiMatteo and optimistic, as long as the attitude of the Chelsea continue to cold, then the contract is very slim. Everyone knew that Ashley didn’t want to go, he wants to stay to continue playing for Chelsea, but he also can not accept a one year contract, he is decisive, a year is not. Of course, Mourinho and Ancelotti saw this scene will be very happy, they were Ashley Cole’s mentor, also longed for the superior strength of left back to present my own team.

Benitez we should 3-4 into a ball, Lampard the great.

Benitez: we should 3-4 into a ball, Lampard the great. Phoenix sports Chelsea hearing the beat West Ham United 2-0 at home, the team manager Benitez said that although the team played very well, but failed to score more goals ahead of locking victory in the race, but he also praised the Lampard and other players to play the exciting. Chelsea boss Jose Benitez said in London and West Ham team could score more goals, let victory to the more sweet, but finally the score of 2-0 also let Chelsea spent a happy weekend. Lampard in the first half and scored 200th goals for Chelsea he played, at the beginning of the second half, active, Zal used his left foot shot for the team on the field. In the League Cup Chelsea at home just won the Bucharest star team advanced to the quarterfinals for the blues, with the league win, Benitez was delighted to see the team is improving. Benitez said in an interview that: Although the game was a victory, the result is important for the team, the defence we have not thrown the ball, goals, Lampard’s 200th goals, but there is a little regret, we didn’t score three to four grain of goals, the team have the opportunity to do better. West Ham is a very difficult opponent, they have a threat at set pieces and in the corner, if they draw a ball, they may well have to take this opportunity to complete the counterattack, so we need to kill the game scored third goals, but unfortunately, we don’t have to do. Undeniably, the team’s performance is positive, this week for us is quite good, the team played a great game. For Lampard’s goal milepost, the Spaniard said: he is a great player, 200 balls are amazing achievement for any player, as he was a midfield player to reach this height is rare. He had the chance to score a goal or two, I am very pleased with the current state of the team, Lampard and everyone is satisfied. In the Seventy-eighth minute of the game because of injury, Ruiz was replaced by Terry, Benitez said he is also not clear the severity of the injury, he said: at present, the injury is not the exact message, I need to talk to the doctor, because I don’t know his injury is multiple, for he is only make provision against a rainy day, but still have to the doctor was a communication.

Harvey -C Luo not compared with Messi, Russell flea is in the history first.

Harvey: C Luo not compared with Messi, Russell: a history of the first. Barcelona just in the Champions League second leg of the final 1/8 7-1 home victory over Leverkusen, Messi scored 5 goals for the club, the fans and the media and set off a burst of Messi storm. In the interview, Harvey said, Messi and C Luo not comparable, the little flea is the one and only. Messi is the best player in the world, he will break the record, after retirement is the best in the history of. Messi become the most popular topic, the evaluation team mate Harvey, no one can like him, all can make something out of the ordinary in many games, not a goal is assists, this is so wonderful. After Thursday’s training session, Harvey said at a news conference. Against Leverkusen, Messi scored 5 goals for Harvey, this is already be accustomed to. We are accustomed to Messi, every day he can do. Messi and C Luo contrast? I think not comparable. Messi is the one and only, no one will be able to like him. Messi is now the best in the world, and he retired, will be the first in the history of. Messi’s words are not many, he is used on the football field used to speak, always want to play, want to win, Messi will break all records, we should enjoy the pleasure brought by him. After Basa took the lead into the champions 8 strong, the whole of Europe in talking about the Champions League derby will come. Harvey said: This is like a lottery ticket. Real Madrid want to pass, Barcelona and Real Madrid in the finals? This is a very ambitious conjecture, we must wait for what happens. Talking about the current Real Madrid and Barcelona League gap, Harvey said: we will feel happy for their football this season, Barca performance is good, we will try to narrow the gap of 10 points, but this does not depend on us, which relates to the leader’s performance. Barcelona President Russell in an interview also praised the unbelievable Messi, as Guardiola said, we are very fortunate to be able to see Messi in a football era. Now a lot of people say who is the best in the world, but for me, this is without a doubt, the best players in Messi’s history. I have never seen such players, we enjoy the pleasure of Messi. Russell also revealed, Argentina coach Sabella to make fun of him: you let Nokamp Messi into the Argentina national team Messi that this is good.

Oddo, mark the Genoa youth team, the 2006 World Cup champion 8 people from the church

Oddo, mark the Genoa youth team, the 2006 World Cup champion 8 people from taught Oddo to mark the Genoa youth team, the 2006 World Cup champion 8 people from Italy local time on August 16th, has played for Lazio, Milan and the Bayern side of the guardian’s Massimo – Oddo announced via Twitter, 4 p.m. he will usher in a Genoa U16 youth team coach after cheap thailand soccer jersey the first training session, after Inzaghi, Cannavaro, Zambrotta and Grosso, graduated from the covey Er Qianuo instructor training course this summer and a former world champion team members on coaching. Oddo twitter screenshot at noon on August 16th, Oddo said: “today is 16 points, I will be as the head coach of Genoa U16 youth team, began his first training session…… Feeling very excited!!” The end of the 2011-12 season, Oddo ended up in Lecce after his loan, ended his 20 year career with the parent team AC Milan player from Milan, the first half of the youth system at right – back occupation career is always at a low level by a team, not to see the end of his loan spell, but from the beginning of 1999, he has played in Naples, Verona and Lazio, until 2007 to return to the home team Milan, but by the end of 2012 retired, also have two times to be rent (Bayern and Lecce). After retired last year, Oddo didn’t intend to leave football, but attended in the covey Er Qianuo coach training class, UEFA occupation certificate and graduate to the highest level, with the top European League coaching qualifications, but he like Inzaghi, also Cheap Philadelphia Union Jersey choose to start from the youth team, so he accepted the Genoa invitation, as the team coach U16 youth team, also for the 2006 World Cup champion team and an official on the coach’s former star. The 23 Italy international championship in Germany in 2006, Buffon, Zaccardo, De Rossi, Barzagli, Piero, Toni, Tohti, Gilardino, Nesta, Amelia, Iaquinta, Camoranesi, Pirlo and Zambrotta 14 people have not yet retired (Camoranesi has announced his retirement from football, is considering a return to Italy in the coach industry; at the end of the year Zambrotta special, the season break a year he got the coach certificate, signed with the Swiss League team Chiasso is an assistant coach and player contracts). Among the other 9 people have 7 people walk on the coach, Fabio Grosso is currently assistant coach Juventus U20 youth team, Cannavaro served as a teaching assistant at the Al Ahli Serie B, Gattuso Palermo as head coach, Peruzzi is at the assistant coach, Barone is Modena U20 youth team coach, Inzaghi Ben season promotion Milan U20 youth team coach, and then and Oddo has just been appointed. Only Materazzi (also have a UEFA occupation certificate) and the summer has just retired from teaching Perrotta has not yet.

Suarez plum to open two degrees, Liverpool 3-1 away Sang Delan

Suarez plum to open two degrees, Liverpool 3-1 away to Sang Delan Beijing late on September 29th 23:00, the Premier League sixth round match at the stadium of light for expansion, Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Sang Delan. Sturridge two shot, Suarez plum to open two degrees, Jarka Rini bushe help Sang Delan pulled one player, Sang Delan Larson’s free kick hit the crossbar. After the game Sturidge with 5 goals to occupy the top scorer, Liverpool 400th wins and harvest the Premier League on goal difference advantage beat Tottenham to second table, Sunderland new season is still hard to get a victory. The Liverpool use Kolo Toure, Sacco and Skrtel partner 3 Zhongwei, Henderson, Lucas, Gerrard and Enrique midfielder, Mose as a playmaker, Suarez and Sturidge partner with two strikers; Sunderland aspects O’Shea served as captain and first location in Zhongwei, Jarka Rini as a midfielder, Abedi Dore up front. As the referee whistle game started, Liverpool started actively offensive looting. Fourth minutes, Kolo Toure frontcourt attack before the restricted area, Suarez steals, even a few people after the right foot was slightly wide of the goal right on the corner. Ninth minutes, Gerrard was the top of the arc before the kick around the wall caused by goalkeeper dispose, Skrtel volley into the net, but the linesman flagged for offside goal which, invalid. Eleventh minutes, to find opportunities to Sunderland, Johannsen on the right side of the forbidden area angle received Abedi Dore back left foot shot wide of the right post. Sang Delan actively ball full advantage, but their lack of foresight in the final ball attack small talk. Sixteenth minutes, Suarez had to pull off the symptoms, but the doctor check no big deal. Twentieth minutes, Jarka Rini left wing back, the wholesale soccer jersey restricted area before the ball’s volley shot crab left post. Twenty-fourth minutes, Sunderland missed opportunity Thailand Soccer Short to break, the direct free kick Larson’s around the wall hard hit the crossbar on the pop-up. Twenty-sixth minutes, Henderson left at the end of the next pass in the restricted area Disembarrassing far back, Neimoxi chest stopped right foot volley over the bar. Twenty-eighth minutes, Liverpool the lead, Gerrard out on the left corner, the ball hit the bomb into the goal at the back post position with the shoulder, 1-0! Behind the Sunderland rapid counterattack, thirtieth minutes, Johnson starts out the corner kick, front O’Shea flyflap door above the top right-hand corner. Thirty-sixth minutes, Liverpool wins another victory, later Sturridge from low ball to right in front of the door, Suarez points after ground shovel Kongmen succeed, 2-0! The match then fell into a stalemate, forty-fourth minutes before the forbidden area, cattermole and pick, box Gardiner fast on foot poke was Minnie ole with her foot. After a time the end of the half court game. The second half both sides Zaizhan easy side, forty-eighth minutes, Gerrard out on the left corner, Suarez stopped the ball back post outside the right foot instep ejection wide of the far post. Fifty-second minutes, Sunderland’s pulled one back, before the restricted area volley led to goalkeeper dispose, whose Kaili area, fast track break bushe, 2-1! Appear after the goal the pace of the game increased, fifty-fourth minutes, the Gardiner forbidden area front Shi sudden cold ray

Schwarzer forty is still young keep the state to add selfish

Schwarzer forty is still young: keep the state to add “selfish” recently joined Chelsea Mark – Schwarzer believes he can through the season with the blues, keep the Australian national team’s goalkeeper. Schwarzer from Fulham free transfer to Chelsea, 40 years old, this also let him get in the Champions League race on a chance. Three years ago, Schwarzer had rejected Arsenal’s invitation, and now at Fulham, because the Holland goalkeeper, Gelunbao join, if left Schwarzer will be relegated to two choice goalkeeper, while Chelsea is regarded as the main goalkeeper Cech bench, but Mourinho has promised to give him a chance to impress. I talked to the boss, he said the goal for next season. He represented the Socceroos 108 appearances for Schwarzer said, he told me Chelsea is a great club, to join is a fortunate thing, so I decided to try it out. Although before I have some confusion, hesitation, but talked with him and then I didn’t want to the two, the decision quickly ready. I must be in command of the goalkeeper position, but a lot of the task to Chelsea, I am sure there will be playing a. The transfer is also very important to me, I am here to win. There are four main honor can fight, but I want to do everything possible to win. You know, when I signed for Fulham, I thought so, Arsenal to invite me, I also considered a. So, in the past, I only want to say never say never ‘this sentence is the truth. Only way to know the ending, so let us have a look what will happen in the future. For me, at least there is one of the best clubs in the world, has one of the world’s best coach, so do the next decision I very happy. Schwarzer had been chasing Chelsea for a while, but the 40 year old to move to London after the plan is clear, yet Norwich is refusing to let John go – lardy. The current Lan Junzhong, a youth product Blackman needs more game experience, while Schwarzer will soon come in handy, he is not clean sheet record Premiership 148 games, only the first name David James 21 field, for the blues, he is a reliable choice. Schwarzer said, in Malaysia’s victory in the first, he was playing very well: I feel good now, some people say that the old, more want to cover age, but I do not, I this year 40 years old but I state well, as long as you keep it well, but I was so fond of play football. As long as to be able to continue, I will play. As far as I keep state secrets? My wife will tell you, is just a selfish’. Yes, people need to have some self center. You want the rule of force, need endurance, requires dedication, not what not scientific truth. I now than three or four years ago to pay more attention to maintenance, it can be said Club Tijuana soccer jerseys that this training, including diet, living environment and so on, all of these can help the players continued occupation life. The purpose is to better serve the game, I just want to further. Once the stop progress, means that the landslide. The 40 year old is replica soccer shirt young, I really want to prove that this idea is right. Cech and I are very different in style, perhaps.

Prospective Bayern VS Augsburg Robben Ribery or rest, and then washed record

Prospect of Bayern VS Augsburg: Robben Ribery or rest, and then washed prospective record of Bayern VS Augsburg: Robben Ribery or rest, and then washed record of late 21:30, twenty-ninth in the Bundesliga round will total war, in the Bavarian Cheap Soccer Jerseys derby win ahead of time, the Bayern Munich away against Augsburg, towards new unbeaten record of 53 consecutive Bundesliga attack. Bayern for the Champions League, Pactrometer rotation win ahead of time, Bayern has been the focus is not in the Bundesliga matches, because of “war” against Manchester United and Zhou Zhong are at home next week, the derby, Bayern will be a substantial rotation system, especially in the frontcourt, “kicker” forecast, Robeiri will be rested, “pig” and Harvey – Martinez will double waist, Pizarro and Manju Kikki is expected to join the first. The Bundesliga giants hit new record on wheel home 3-3 draw is Hoffenheim, Bayern the 19 game win streak was terminated, however, their unbeaten streak continues, if not the oppau, unbeaten record Bundesliga Bayern will continue to the 53 field, further approximation AC Milan’s 58 game unbeaten in five league unbeaten record. In Augsburg, although currently ranked eighth, still have impact on European qualification opportunities, but the recent state is very low, the last 4 wheel League 1 draw 3 negative, in this case against Bayern, I’m afraid be fraught with grim possibilities. From the historical record confrontation, from Augsburg to Bayern on the Bundesliga since, they have maintained a 5 straight league, cup is also a two game winning streak. Man looking forward to defend the shooter announcement first place while Bayern has to win ahead of time, but still very intense competition for the golden boot, Manju Kikki topped the list with 17 goals, Lewandowski, Ramos and Del Mitch with 16 goals followed, in addition, 15 ball, 14 ball for Rafael Mino and kiesling and others also have a great impact on the golden boot. For Manju Kikki, the road will help him to defend the top position of oppau goal, considering he has three Bundesliga failed to score, he also needs to find a breakthrough in the league. The two teams are expected to start: Augsburg (4-1-4-1): Hitz / Phil hache, Carlson Burak, Hong is good, Oslo. Lake / Bayer / Aisiweiyin, Cole, Altintop, Holzer Hauser / Bobadilla Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): the Neuer / Buyten, rafinha, Dante, Alabbar / Harvey – Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Pizarro, Cheap Santos Soccer Jersey Ge / him. / Manju Kikki

Stoppage time winner Terry! Chelsea 1-0 Everton

Stoppage time winner Terry! Chelsea 1-0 Everton Beijing late on February 22nd 20:45, a focal point campaign Premier League twenty-seventh round began in the Standford bridge, Chelsea 1-0 Everton, before the end of the race Lampard free kick assists Terry broke, Chelsea also continues to tabernacle scoreboard first place. Both sides against the history of 169 games, Chelsea 65 wins 52 flat 52 negative prevail, but this season in the first leg clash, Chelsea away a ball to Everton, but Chelsea never lost in the last 18 home games against Everton in the competition, the main game unbeaten run Standford bridge Mourinho has reached 73. The Terry back partner Ivanovic, Cahill and the Billy Kui tower guard line, Lampard and Matic, Oscar and William back in combination, a single striker Eto’O Zal in the line behind. But Everton, Barnes, Barry and Pienaar are the first stage, new signing Traore was injured in the warm-up, by Naismith as a lone striker. It is worth mentioning that, in 572nd Premier League games this is a Lampard, he also became the Premier League appearances are the second player and James. As the referee whistle game. Fourth minutes, Chelsea fast counter attack, after William inscribed at the top of the arc angle is a low shot past. Twelfth minutes, Barnes left the low ball before the restricted area, Naismith back, Osman shot was flying Cech resolution. Seventeenth minutes, get away from team mate Mirallas, stopping in the restricted area back kick Cahill was shot dangchu body. Twenty-ninth minutes, Los Angeles Galaxy soccer jerseys Chelsea restricted area on Everton continuous bombing, Ivanovic then shot is blocked, the Billy Quetta homeopathic long-range cheap replica soccer jerseys grasped by Howard. Thirty-seventh minutes, Chelsea missed the opportunity, Eto’O restricted area on the right side should be inscribed teammates leans on the defensive player turned and shot by Howard courageously saved. Fortieth minutes, Lampard ball Youbian Lu William, the latter with three defensive players choose to play the door was blocked. Forty-sixth minutes, Pienaar left the road crosses the top of Mira LAS, which adjust the unmarked after long-range hit bared by rescue. The first half both sides fight to be inextricably involved, 0-0 into the dressing room. The beginning of the second half, Ramirez was replaced by the poor performance of the Oscar. Fifty-first minutes, Lampard starts out the corner kick, Terry grabbed the first point towards the central area was Naismith rescue. Fiftieth minutes, Zal restricted area before the ingenious straight into the box, before Lampard single to single goalkeeper low shot was saved, then his ball was blocked. Fifty-second minutes, Cahill brought down by Barry won a free kick on the edge of the area, but William directly hit the door put antiaircraft gun. Fifty-eighth minutes, Osman used the flank pass at Lengjian, the ball to fly to the bottom right corner of the goal to meet the ball teammate, Cech courageously saved the bottom line. Sixty-first minutes, William out on the right corner, Zal restricted area before the continuous shaking low shot saved by Howard, then at Ivanovic bushe was also he used his body to resolve, then Cahill’s shot was the defensive player plugging. Sixty-second minutes to go, Mourinho, replaced by Torres William. The two sides after the adjustment, change

NBA star Nash trial international Milan, says to feel like a child excited

NBA star Nash trial international Milan, says to feel like a child excited NBA star Nash trial international Milan, says to feel as excited as a child Steve – Nash is ready to become a football player? Even if it is only temporary? It is reported, the two session of the NBA regular season MVP, winner cheap thailand soccer jersey of the Losangeles Lakers starting point guard will be for trial in the Serie A giants inter Milan, is expected in the USA holds the Guinness world championship tournament before the start of next week, Nash will complete the trial in the team. The tournament will be eight teams from around the world to participate, August 7th will decide the champion in Miami. “It is a dream come true, is not only the trial, more important to me is the energy and they compete, especially in the international Milan such a great and legendary team,” Nash said excitedly, “I feel like I am a child.” The tournament staff revealed, before the team in Indianapolis against Chelsea for two days, the trial will be completed in New Jersey. Nash said, he may in this session will be very nervous. “Certainly not easy than playing basketball,” he said, “to tell you the truth I’m playing the game of basketball will occasionally nervous, I am not on the court, but before the game. Playing with Cheap Philadelphia Union Jersey my idol, is no doubt the tension.” Young Nash would like to play football and hockey, after becoming occupation basketball player, Nash did not change his mind, go crazy about football. He is not only a passionate football fan, at the same time, he was also one of the North American Soccer League Vancouver whitecaps boss. Over the past few years, Nash will play football every summer, often with some professional football players play, even some football team trial. You know, Nash suffered a leg injury last season in the NBA, played only 50 games. The playoffs are more sluggish performance, finally can only stand by watching others battle. Now, about 40 years old and he is still the same and young went to play football instead of the maintenance of the body, this is obviously not willing to see the phenomenon. You know, the Lakers owner Jim buss has always been a plus for the favor of Nash, not only in the last year for its open 3 years about fat, but also because he brought in Dantoni Nash, but so far the Lakers just disappointed.