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Abbiati scored 2 God had strong escort, Milan qualify hero he was Abbiati the Milan hero _ Phoenix S

Abbiati scored 2 God had strong escort, Milan qualify hero when he | Abbiati | Milan hero _ Phoenix Phoenix sports sports news 0-0! AC Milan won the desired results at home, by virtue of the draw, Milan product 9 points to 1 points ahead of Ajax qualifying for the champions 16 strong, as the Serie A with an only child. But this game, Milan promotion hero is neither in Milan into the 99 ball Kaka is not 3 field formed 4 goals for Balotelli, but Abbiati, his 2 gods in the game down to Milan to reach the Champions League 16. The Champions League zhanba 5, Milan is still not sure draw, Barcelona on the wheel’s shock defeat Ajax to Milan to only draw with rivals in the final round of the qualification. In the face of Ajax, Abbiati is not strange, but in the face of the Holland youth, Abbiati more often have to play well, this season the Champions League first, Milan’s 1-1 draw with Ajax, Abbiati high ground low block minimal assurance Milan back on the road the whole body, he also won the best player in the game. The game, Milan and Ajax in the field have a ready pen, quite sharp attack, but a foolish malicious stampede Milan captain Montolivo to Milan suddenly fall into a passive, and the foul let Milan goalkeeper transient for busy people on the field the most. Nineteenth minutes, Ajax offensive, Vanrain on the cross, Fischer before the distance gate 9 meters diving header by Abbiati finger support near post, if not Abbiati’s brave play, I’m afraid Milan has lagged behind. Abbiati magic continues, sixty-seventh minutes of the game, Abbiati once again to save, Bojan Zhise restricted area on the right side, Klassen 10 meters in front of the oblique was Abbiati leg to keep off near angle, the two magic show to let Allegri feel a sense of relief, and the excellent performance of the Milan keeper has attracted CCTV commentators repeatedly exclaimed: two Zhongwei lost nearly http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/france/monaco-soccer-jersey.html let Milan into an unfavorable situation, thanks to Abbiati’s excellent play, Allegri’s face is more embarrassed. Earlier in the Champions League matches, Juventus away by Galatasaray winner out of regret, Napoli though points up to 12 points but still be eliminated, Milan became the Serie A Champions League in the only child at home 0-0 promotion. But the biggest player in promotion of Milan is the goalkeeper Abbiati, his two fantastic saves the escort Milan into the top 16, also let the coach Allegri feel a sense of relief.