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Chelsea to the world second pay a strongman, Arsenal top salary man.

Chelsea to the world second pay a strongman, Arsenal top salary man. Chelsea Lavon 16900000 euros a year by November 13th Beijing time, according to the Spanish “Searl radio” news, although the outside world news Lavon will be in the next summer are free to join Bayern, but Guardiola is still out on whether the introduction of Poland people shilly-shally, this also let the other giants ready to make trouble, Chelsea hopes to use the offensive. The Champions League Xi front of God, deep pocketed the blues 275000 a week to Lavon, with annual salary reached 16900000 euros, this figure has exceeded the current annual salary of Messi. Lewandowski’s contract expires in the summer of next year, though there will be free, but the German media have exposed Lavon has signed the Bayern news, in a recent interview, the Poland striker has made it clear that he has a good selection of home, and inform the team don’t hit on him. Mourinho is the truth, Lavon’s story is like a book, it looks like he will go to Bayern. Although the plot, Lavon joined the Bayern the best hope, but which are still not small variables, has been Manju Kikki in the Bayern squad, on whether the same type of Lavon this problem is introduced, Guardiola still in hesitation, this also let Lavon future blurred pushuo. It is reported, many rich and powerful family are hoping to get Lavon in the next summer, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, A Senna and Chelsea felt the most urgent in the race for Lavon, in order to prevail in the war, A Senna made 200000 pounds a week, but belong to the city of London Chelsea is hard money, they can provide 275000 pounds a week to Lavon, of about 325000 euros, with annual salary reached a staggering 16900000 euros. At present, the fixed salary Messi is 13000000 euros, floating salary is 3000000 euros, that is to say, the Argentina star of the annual salary of the highest is only 16000000 euros, from this comparison is not difficult to see Chelsea for Lewandowski’s sincerity. If Lewandowski opted to join Chelsea, then his 16900000 euros a year will only C Luo, to become the world’s second people. This year in September, CR7 officially with Madrid, annual salary of up to 17000000 euros, that is to say, Lavon got an offer http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/kid-soccer-uniform-41.html with the C’s annual salary not much difference between, in the Premier League is the only one, it will make the people of Poland as the Premier League work emperor, Rooney, Van Persie, Yaya Toure stars will approach somebody’s greatness, the next you see, Lavon’s choice.

Chelsea officially announced the signing of Eto’O, the annual salary of 7000000 pounds a year contra

Chelsea officially announced the signing of Eto’O, the annual salary of 7000000 pounds a year contract. Eto’O signed for Chelsea Phoenix sports news Beijing standard time on August 29th evening news, Chelsea through the official website confirmed Anzhi striker Eto’O announced the news, the Cameroon star one-year contract, the annual salary of 7000000 pounds. Eto’O will be together again and former mentor Mourinho. It is worth mentioning that, Eto’O take a pay cut to join Chelsea, Messi will become the first in the world annual salary. Eto’O subsequently issued a personal statement, said this was a moment of happiness. The 32 year old Eto’O was one of the best strikers in world football, he has helped Barcelona and inter Milan good achievement, especially the effect of inter period, Eto’O became the mentor of Mourinho’s right-hand man, help the Nerazzurri achievements Albert crown three. Eto’O then moved to the Russian outfit Anzhi, salary is a world record 20000000 euros, became the first man in world football annual salary. Chelsea and Eto’O had already agree in opinion, both for the joining mode and contract details have no objection, and therefore agreed to the transfer speed. Beijing time earlier in the day time, Eto’O flew to London, and underwent physical examination at the Cobham base. Physical examination finished, Eto’O formally signed in the contract. Chelsea official website announced a move, and disclose the one-year contract, salary is 7000000 pounds. It is reported, Anzhi will pay millions of euros severance payments to Eto’O, not to disclose specific amount. Eto’O has joined issued a personal statement, Cameroon said: This is not a difficult decision, I know Chelsea, I knew I had made the best choice. Jose is the best coach, when the opportunity comes to me without any hesitation, I am very happy now! I eagerly hope as soon as possible for the team. The official Chelsea soon also expressed congratulations, and Eto’O hope to enjoy the happy time in the Standford bridge. Eto’O joined us, Chelsea attack strength is greatly enhanced. Torres, Baba, Lukaku will face even greater pressure of competition. But Mourinho is good at adjusting the lineup and to investigate the http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/kid-soccer-uniform-41.html characteristics of every player, believe that Chelsea four strikers harmonious competition is not difficult. From the European perspective, Eto’O is no doubt the most reliable choice, the League several big striker will have the opportunity to get the first opportunity.

Boulter will represent the United and friendly, red dream come true.

Boulter will represent the United and friendly, “red dream come true”. The British media screenshots Beijing time on September 5th, after the summer signing Van Persie hat trick for United fans surprise, Manchester United fans and some music, according to the British “sun” message, coach Ferguson said in an interview: Manchester United in the next game against Real Madrid legend, Jamaica’s Boulter will get the franchise, he will on behalf of the Red Devils play for Manchester United and Boulter, only me, this is a really special gift. In the London Olympic Games, Boulter shine, he won the men’s 100 meters, the men’s 200 meters and 4X100 meters relay titles of these 3 projects, the London after the Olympic Games, Boulter has received the United invitation to trial, he also as Manchester United fans to visit Old Trafford opener, his debut in the home of Manchester United at that time, with Boulter three Olympic gold medals in the Manchester United fans in the mountains and seas are whistling, Boulter then around half of the week, Manchester United fans coming to Michael excited, the crowd chanted to sign him, signed him, although it is fun and entertainment, but Boulter did not want to show their talent on the football field it. As a fan of Manchester United, Boulter has always had a dream, that is representative of a football club. In a friendly match, while Boulter knows his game is not good, but he to Manchester United, for football infatuation does not change people moved, it is reported that Boulter had not volunteered once, he hopes that Ferguson Jazz can allow himself played in United’s friendly against Manchester United, Boulter, love of football remarkable. Though hope is frail, but Boulter or to Ferguson’s response, he said in a magazine interview: Boulter is a great athlete, but he is also a great fan of Manchester United, this is very interesting, if he wanted to, I guess I’d give him a chance to represent the Reds, in the next year, Manchester United and Real Madrid legend team’s friendly match, Boulter can have a try. Maybe Boulter sincerity moved Ferguson, now he was http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/kid-soccer-uniform-41.html a dream come true, next year’s friendly match, the fans will be happy to see the shadow of Boulter, Jamaica’s will appear in any position, if the outstanding performance, will eventually become a Manchester United player? Perhaps this suspense and to emerge.

Cole refused Chelsea a new contract, Real Madrid, Paris or into the next station.

Cole refused Chelsea a new contract, Real Madrid, Paris or into the next station. Chelsea and Ashley – Cole’s contract deadlock is not broken, according to a recent ESPN news, the contract is about to expire at the end of the season Cole has rejected a blues to offer him a new contract for a year. The future is not guaranteed, the blues meritorious defender certainly don’t want to sign the contract, but if you really want to go, Mourinho, Real Madrid and Ancelotti is his choice for Paris Saint germain. The Blues boss Jose DiMatteo is sanguine about re signing Cole, he believes the club before January next year will certainly do it, but from the reality of the situation, Cole seems more likely in the period with other giants initialed the contract transfer. In fact, Ashley – Cole is not asking too much, he just hope Chelsea club at least can prepare a two or more of the new contract for him, as wages rise, he never thought. Cole refused to sign a new contract for one thing, is responsible for tracking the reported ESPN reporter explained: if things keep going like this, Ashley will soon move with other clubs negotiate, until in the winter transfer period initialed the contract. Obviously, leaving Chelsea will become his an optional policy, unless the Chelsea on this matter DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED. At present, the renewal plan without any progress, in my opinion, this depends entirely on the Chelsea. Drogba leaving the Blues fans with deep hatred and resentment, this will turn to Cole? All this may, Chelsea’s attitude may lead to another Drogba events, their policy is not perfect, is the result of Didier’s departure, the newspaper continued. This, Ashley – Cole is very likely to leave the same way club. DiMatteo is said to have very optimistic, but in fact it is not his decision, but between the club and Cole, further analysis of ESPN. Therefore, even if DiMatteo and optimistic, as long as the attitude of the Chelsea continue to cold, then the contract is very slim. Everyone knew that Ashley didn’t want to go, he wants to stay to continue playing for Chelsea, http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/kid-soccer-uniform-41.html but he also can not accept a one year contract, he is decisive, a year is not. Of course, Mourinho and Ancelotti saw this scene will be very happy, they were Ashley Cole’s mentor, also longed for the superior strength of left back to present my own team.