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Holland bilateral frontal into a rare bright spot, Robben two Chuan India descended from the most ey

Holland bilateral frontal into a rare bright spot, Robben two Chuan India descended from the most eye-catching. 2-4 lost the lowland country Derby, Holland normal game highlights is not much, but the left winger Robben and the nation is still worthy of recognition, the former contributed two assists, second grain of goals and the latter harvest of the national team, and the end is always the most active orange army offensive player. Game against Belgium, Fabio Van Gaal striker Trident is Robben, nation and the Bundesliga scorer Huntelaar intention, nature is hope two people can create a threat on the road, for cruising hunters send accurate biography, and real-time endo completed personal attack. While the age are nearly 7 – year-old winger combinations and did not let the van handsome disappointment. 45 minutes before the game, the Holland team the most threatening is 21 year old Eindhoven winger Luciano Naseem, perhaps in the Eredivisie matches have been familiar with the opponent’s characteristics, in the face of this summer has just moved to Tottenham Ajax old Phil Ton Henry, the India seed no stage fright the slightest, continuous high-speed breakthrough in the right way, whether it is give Huntelaar sent a pass over the top, the bottom line in for van Lin Chuanchu knock back, or to the hunter out of the low ball sweep pass, Naseem completed be just perfect, visible, the Eindhoven star has gradually matured, the future is expected to occupy an important position in Holland national squad. In the second stage, Holland bilateral frontal to finish a blitz, Robben received his teammates straight, cross into the restricted area send http://www.replicasocceruniform.com/netherlands.html accurate, timely follow up in place of the nation pushes shoots the nets, open the first half performance, excellent cours Toth ten fingers off, to help Holland to tie the game at the same time, also with second goals in third games individual harvest the national team. A minute later, Holland Trident re FA Wei, by anti offside chance to form 3 play 1 opportunity knocks horizontally, Robben helped Huntelaar finish, also help the team temporarily the score will be reversed. However, Van Gaal in sixty-eighth minutes will be active in the nation to change, and substitute wrens did not extend the PSV teammate threat on the pitch, played 20 minutes of time can’t see figure. Failure right pivot also let Robben and central left Huntelaar unable to play fully, it is also the key to the Holland team in the last 20 minutes to break opportunity lies.